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From The Beginning: The Dollup Case

Dollup Case Nikki Hynek is not only a makeup professional, beauty enthusiast, and business owner of Pretty Lane and Dollup Beauty. So where did this all begin? In 2015, Nikki created and patented the Dollup Beauty Case, which is an ingenious approach to cosmetic organization that will revamp and improve your makeup routine.  Say ‘so long’ to rummaging around in a cluttered makeup bag filled with dirty and broken compacts.  It was with this pesky problem in mind that Nikki invented the Dollup Case — a first of its kind makeup compact centered around simplicity, elegance, and organization.  The case uses magnetic palettes that allow women to neatly store their customized personal makeup collection in one chic compact — perfect for dolling up at home or on the go.  The cherry on top of the Dollup Case’s exquisite design is that its refillable qualities cut down on packaging waste!  Features: Magnetic palette to hold cosmetic pans Elastic bands to secure brushes in place Interior fold-down mirror Hard-cased exterior to ensure protection — no more broken or dirty cosmetics! Hinge feature that allows the case to open flat for easy access to makeup Pressure clasp closure Dimensions: 7.5”L x 4.5"W x 1.5”D\ How can you use it?  With Christmas around the corner, the Dollup Case is perfect for gifting. This compacted case is perfect to use as an on-the-go clutch and makeup organizer. Come in and we can help you choose the products to go inside!