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A Pretty Little Idea

When you think of makeup these days, how do you feel? 

We’re going to go out on a pretty little perch and guess that if you’re like 80% of women in the world, you probably say to yourself things along the lines of “It’s too much work”, “I don’t have time, ” or “I don’t know how.”

Ladies, pack your bags!

Don’t worry, the kids will be fine...the bills will be paid...and the boss will never know. 

Where are we headed you ask?

On a tantalizing excursion exploring all things beauty with the Pros of Pretty Lane as your tour guides.

Think about it. Would you book a trip to Paris and expect to stumble across all the beautiful places the city had to offer on your own? Of course not! You’d enlist the help of a tour guide to show you the ins and outs of the city as you strolled down one pretty lane after another. You’d place your trust in someone who is familiar with the lay of the land and knows all the secrets that you simply wouldn’t find with even the most thorough of website searches.

That’s why Pretty Lane was created.

The Pretty Lane Dream

Founded by celebrity makeup artist and professional, Nikki Hynek, Pretty Lane is the beauty destination where you will find a diverse team of women joyfully set with the task to provide classes, makeup products, and holistic care to women all over the world. 

Can you book makeup appointments with us? Yes of course. Can you shop the highest quality beauty and skin care products curated by our pretty pros? Absolutely! But most importantly AND uniquely to Pretty Lane, you can restore your fun-loving relationship with makeup, or possibly, uncover it for the first time.

Our Pretty Parties are the modern spin on those good old days of makeup exploration with your friends. Remember raiding your mother’s makeup stash and painting on ruby red lips and crystal blue eyes? It’s like that, but the grown-up version! 

Gather around our spacious beauty bar with 6 to 12 of your gal pals while experiencing a hands-on lesson from the pros on how to create naturally beautiful, quick, easy and everyday-friendly makeup looks. 

Nothing like this has ever been created before and Pretty Lane has quickly become the buzzworthy gathering place for bachelorette parties, girls’ night out or even team bonding activities. We’ve had women come back 2, 3 or even 4 times, simply because they love it that much!

Get ready to laugh, learn and leave Pretty Lane with a peachy new outlook on makeup and all it has to offer. PRETTY TO THE PEOPLE!