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Get to Know Us Series: What is the Pretty Lane?

by Grace Rigdon |

Welcome to the Get to Know Us Series! We are so excited to have you pretty readers part of our journey. The Pretty Lane is thankful for your support during this time. Our goal is to have all of our readers and followers understand the brand image and story behind Pretty Lane and Dollup Beauty. So, today, we want to answer all your questions about what the Pretty Lane is and the services you can find in our pretty place. 

Pretty Lane Logo

The world's prettiest place is located on 312 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401. 

Have you been to our boutique before? The Pretty Lane is a peachy retreat giving people in our community the place they need to learn more about beauty and makeup, feel pampered, relax, and for the beauty gurus, let out their inner enthusiast. 

Nikki Hynek is the founder of the Pretty Lane and Dollup Beauty. You can find all of her Dollup Beauty products inside the beauty boutique here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and online. This makeup artist has blossomed into a stellar entrepreneur, utilizing her vision to help the beauty community and the Cedar Rapids community. 

 Pretty Lane Makeup Classes

What is Pretty Lane? 

"Pretty Lane is a place for all things beauty," says Nikki. Founder Nikki was selling her Dollup Beauty products originally all online and was missing the interactive portion of her business. 

"I decided to open a space where women could come and learn how to do their makeup and experience beauty differently," says Nikki. 

She explains that she wanted to create an effortless space for all women at different stages of their makeup journey. She had picked edited items for the storefront that are top of the line, fabulous products that she would use. With her expertise, she was confident that her consumers would enjoy these products as well. 

This store is also for the beauty minimalists to feel comfortable. She wants these consumers to come in and experience beauty and makeup products in a whole new way—not overloading anyone with too many products, just her favorites. Nikki has curated a select group of collections, with you in mind. 

What services does the Pretty Lane offer?

This beauty boutique hopes you come and enjoy our wide arrange of offers and services from makeup lessons to parlor parties, bridal makeup, and spa services.

What we offer: 

(You can purchase these services at

Amazing Lash Extensions

60 minutes 

Chin Wax

30 minutes @ $15.00 

Full Leg Wax

1 hour 30 minutes @ $75.00 

Full Arm Wax

1 hour 30 minutes @ $50.00 

Nose Wax

10 minutes @ $10.00 

Back Wax

1 hour 30 minutes @ $45.00 

Bikini Wax

30 minutes @ $30.00 

Cheek/Sideburn Wax

30 minutes @ $15.00 

Hour Massage

1 hour @ $65.00 

30 minute facial

30 minutes @ $45.00 

90-minute massage

1 hour 30 minutes @ $85.00 

Hot rock massage

1 hour @ $85.00 

Hot rock 90 min massage

1 hour 30 minutes @ $95.00 

Lovely Lash Lift & Tint

1 hour 30 minutes @ $70.00 

Lash Tint

30 minutes @ $20.00 

Brow Tint

30 minutes @ $20.00

 Pretty Lane Services

Nikki explains, "We have a full spa menu but are doing it a different way." Nikki is changing the traditional spa experience. Pretty Lane intends to have spa guests come pre-appointment to sip on her pretty teas and mix essential oils. These essential oils will be personal to their spa experience. Nikki is hoping this interactive experience is one you'll never forget.

Dollup Beauty Sold in Pretty Lane

Retail Front

Not only do we sell Dollup Beauty in our retail-front, but we have products and brands ranging in bath and body, skincare, hair, accessories, tanning, and more—which, all these items are great for gifts! Everything in our pretty store has a purpose. These products are curated for customers varying from wanting to experiment with makeup and new products to a makeup artist/beauty guru. Also, in the Pretty Lane, they have giftable items. 

Our Community 

The Pretty Lane is beyond thankful for the Cedar Rapids and Midwest community. "I love this area, I am from here, so it felt like a natural place to choose a for my first storefront," says Nikki. "And I said first, that's the keyword." 

Nikki believes that Cedar Rapids is such a great supporter of trying new things and uplifting new and small businesses.