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Hey you, pretty bride! 

Are you in the thick of planning seating charts, center pieces and flower arrangements? Have you been planning the day of your dreams that you've been dreaming about ever since you were a young girl? Well we're here for you! 

One of our most favorite parts about being pretty pros is getting to be a part of YOUR special days! WE love making our pretty brides feel beautiful and special on their wedding days. 

Due to the coronavirus we have been seeing how many of your wedding days are being affected and our hearts go out to you! If you are now finding yourself in the position of needing to do your own wedding day makeup, have no fear! Pretty Pro Lauren is here with FIVE simple steps to transform your every day makeup routine and turn it into a radiant, glowing, bridal beauty look! 

Before we get started, something important to keep in mind, is this- your makeup will only look as flawless as the skin underneath of it! Before we begin placing makeup on top of the skin, you may want to consider using some moisturizer or facial self tanner to achieve a smooth, soft, radiant look. 

Our favorite moisturizer is the Dermalogica skin smoothing cream. We also love the South Seas Tahiti mist. These two are our secret weapons! 


First and foremost, the first key to looking flawless in all of your wedding pictures would be double layering! Double layering your foundation is going to ensure a flawless, full coverage look. We always recommend starting with liquid foundation or airbrush foundation and then topping the look with a full coverage powder foundation. It may seem scary to wear a full coverage facial look if you are wanting to look natural and glowing, however when applied correctly, it will look seamless and beautiful in every single picture. 



My second hot tip to achieve a flawless bridal look is to add a little extra bronzer and blush. Again, in this case, a little more IS more! I'll be the first one to tell you- in my wedding photos I had so much bronzer and blush on, yet in all of my professional pictures, it looked like I barely had any on at all. If you want to avoid looking washed out or blown out in color, I would highly recommend putting on your usual amount of bronzer and blush and then dipping back into your powder for a little more. 


It's all in the LIPS! I don't know about you girlfriend, but if your typical go-to lip combo includes chapstick or a sheer gloss, now would be the time to switch things up a little bit. Nothing shouts bridal more than a pretty, pink pout. If you want to ensure that your lips look plump and pretty in all of your photos, go for a creme de matte lipstick that will last all day long and show up perfectly in all of your pictures. 


How about a little bridal glow? We've heard about that newly wedded blissful glow and we've talked about that bridal glow but how does one really achieve that glowing from within look on their special day of nuptials? It's all about the highlighter! Try out a pearlescent illuminator. Pop it on the top of your cheekbones and on the top of your brow bone and down the center of your nose. Watch as you transform into a radiant, dewy, darling instantly.  


Our last and final tip- jazz it up! Spice things up and go bold on the eyes. Pop on some liner and a fresh pair of false lashes and sit back to see your crowd get wow'd. There's no better time than now to flirty those fluttery lashes and see just how gorgeous your look can get. 

That's it, pretty! Now in just five simple steps, your makeup look has gone from simple and ordinary to glowing, blushing bride! Now that you have perfected your look all on your own, go throw on that white robe, pour yourself a mimosa and enjoy your special day. You deserve it!



The Pretty Pros