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Hey, you pretty lady! 

We are officially reaching that stage of quarantine where we are desperately missing our spa appointments! Our hair needs a serious makeover, our eyebrows need a good wax and our nails could really use a fill. Oh, and did we mention our lashes!? Talk about a fill! If you're like us, you are starting to daydream about what it was like when you had your full, gorgeous lash extensions and used to look like. 


Well, no worries, friend, because we are here with the best tips on how to achieve voluminous, fluffy, long, beautiful lashes all at home! Since none of us are able to make it to the spa to refill those lashes, let's grow some falsie looking lashes, at home! 

Tip number one-

Give your lashes a break! Take a week-long mascara vacation. Let's face it, we are all staying home anyway so now is the perfect time to give those lashes a break from all of the makeup that we typically wear and give them a nice refresher.

Tip number two- 

Go ahead and try some natural remedies! Many have found that some items that you may even have in your cabinet at home already, can help condition and grow your lashes! Some options to try include

- Coconut oil

- Olive Oil

- Vasaline

- Castor Oil

- Vitamin E oil

To apply make sure your lashes are completely clean from any makeup and that the lashes are dry. Then take a soft washcloth or cotton swab and apply directly to your lashline and lashes. Work the product through the lashes thoroughly. We recommend applying right before bed and then going to sleep, letting the oil work its magic overnight. 

If you want to maintain good lash health, it is essential to keep them nourished and conditioned. This will help prevent breakage as the conditioner will help strengthen your brittle lashes. Therefore causing them to break and fall out less! Also, the nutrient-dense properties in the oils can help to treat and hydrate your lashes, making them appear overall healthier, softer, and fuller. 




Tip number three-

Take a vitamin! Vitamins are so great for your overall health and certain vitamins have proven to really help with hair growth. Many have raved that biotin has greatly increased the growth of their nails, hair, and yes... eyelashes! It's worth a shot, girlfriend. 

Tip number four-

While all of these natural remedies are fun and totally worth a try.. there has not been any proven research or evidence that has proven that they can actually stimulate lash growth. Sure, they may beautifully hydrate and condition your lashes, however, they may not be able to actually help grow new lashes. That's where we recommend what we KNOW can work... 

A lash growth serum.     

There are plenty of growth serums on the market however there are not many that contain a special, little ingredient, called a prostaglandin.

Our favorite lash serum that we recommend, does. It's called Revitalash. We have it here at Pretty Lane because we wanted to offer you, our favorite little best kept secret. 

Revitalash has been proven medically and scientically to actually conditon AND grow new lahes. This is because of that prostaglandin that we menitoned earlier. The prostaglandin is a growth hormone that actually works to stimulate new lash growth. 

This prodcut has worked wonders for our lashes. They have never been fluffier, fuller, or longer. It actually works because of the science of the formula and it is so worth a try. 


We recomend applying every night before bed onto a clean lash line. Once you have reached your desired lengh and fullness you can use it for maintance by applying it once every other couple of nights. 


We hope these tips have been helpful for you on your juourney to grow long, beautiful lashes at home! We hope you are all staying healthy and safe at home. Can't wait to pretty up with you so soon! 


Pretty Pro Lauren