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Corridor Business Journal on our "It's Pretty To Be Kind"

by Lexi Smith |

On Thursday, March 19th, we were ecstatic to see the Corridor Business Journal, CBJ, recognizing our Pretty Lane founder, Nikki Hynek, for spreading kindness in a time of uncertainty. 

“Hoping to keep her business afloat while lifting spirits through the COVID-19 pandemic, Cedar Rapids-based beauty company Pretty Lane has launched the "It's Pretty To Be Kind" campaign designed to put a smile on recipients' faces - and some color on their lips.” - Corridor Business Journal

Not only did CBJ recognize the good work being done but also talked about what we do here, at Pretty Lane.

“Pretty Lane, an experience-based beauty company that provides consultations, services and parties for individuals and groups, expanded its vision as a diversification strategy when the social disruption caused by the outbreak imperiled its revenue stream. Ms. Hynek hopes those receiving the gifts will go to the company website and ‘pass it on so we can spread hope to as many people as possible during this time.’ According to the company's Facebook page, for every lipstick delivered, another will be donated to a healthcare worker with an encouraging note.” - Corridor Business Journal

CBJ even mentioned our newest Pretty Pro, Lindsay Leahy, known for being a girl boss who makes small businesses grow dramatically!

‘"I have been a long-time customer, am passionate about Nikki's vision, and am excited to bring my experience in business strategy and sales to complement and build upon what Nikki has created,’ said Lindsay Leahy, founder of The Restoration Project, who has teamed up with Ms. Hynek to grow local market share, expand the brand's reach, and add to its line of services. ‘We both believe in quality, customer care, connection, convenience, and community and we are excited to build on those pillars as partners in this next phase."’ - Corridor Business Journal

And of course, they didn’t forget the business that started it all, Dollup Beauty.

“Pretty Lane was founded as a sister business to Dollup Beauty, which offers high-quality, natural makeup products aimed at enhancing natural features. Once the crisis has passed, Ms. Hynek and Ms. Leahy plan to more proactively market to locals who currently buy makeup at big box stores and encourage them to try Pretty Lane's locally-made products.” - Corridor Business Journal

But until life goes back to normal, we plan to make the best out of it that we can by spreading a little kindness with our lipsticks. If you're interested in our "It's Pretty To Be Kind" check it out Here. For every lipstick purchased and sent to a loved one to brighten their day, we are also donating one to our local medical professionals for encouragement and to let them know we care.

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