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How To Transition Your Makeup From Summer To Fall


As a makeup artist, business owner, and curiously creative woman, I am always keeping a watchful eye on trends. Recently, I noticed a trend with the women walking through the doors at Pretty Lane. Like clockwork, one week I had multiple women walk in the store and simply state that they were feeling “meh”. 

'What the heck did that mean,' I wondered to myself? After talking with them further, I realized this was no mystery. They were looking for an answer to how to transition their makeup from summer to fall. Once this was discovered, I was quickly able to prescribe them a pretty routine for the new season and send them on their way with a renewed pep in their step.

Let me paint you a pretty little picture of what this looked like.

One day at Pretty Lane, I was sitting at our Pretty Parlor and in walked a woman named Liz. What I learned from Liz was that she is in her mid-30’s, has 3 kids, and diligently exercises in the mornings, leaving very little time for a makeup routine.

Liz promptly went on to tell me that she was simply feeling “blah”. My ears perked up because this wasn’t the first time I had a customer use those words to describe themselves that week. Whether they said, “blah”, “meh”, “haggard”, “unpretty”, all of these women were referring to the same feeling and the resounding question that followed was “How can I feel and look better?”

The number one answer I could provide to these women related to the need to transition their makeup routine from summer to fall. In other words, what worked in the summer months, should be packed up, put away with their flip flops, and swapped out for a new fall-friendly practice.

Here are the top 3 reasons why to transition your makeup routine from summer to fall:

#1 - Seasonal wardrobes are different and your makeup routine should be too.

Especially in the midwest, summer and fall wardrobes are drastically different. Typically, we trade in light and bright colors, for darker and deep hues. These deeper tones will wash out your complexion if you don’t strengthen your makeup with deeper tones, as well.

For instance, to achieve that same glow you had naturally over the summer, you may need to add more bronzer and blush. You can also try switching to deeper tones of eyeshadow. Any combination of these efforts will aid in creating a balance between your complexion and the wardrobe you’re wearing.

#2 - Natural summer color needs to be emulated with makeup in the fall.

Did you know that a tan will fade after only two weeks of little to no sun exposure? It’s true!

Fall typically means trading in your poolside parties for schoolmate carpools; those days of fun in the sun tend to drift away before you know it. This means your skin will lose its natural sunkissed glow and become lighter and lighter. Unless you have perfectly porcelain skin, to begin with, the stark change from bronzed to pale can leave you looking and feeling dull.

Try upping the bronzer you use in your makeup routine to add back in some much-needed color heading into the fall months. Additionally, you can use a self-tanning lotion to provide an even glow on all of your skin. We love the Tahitian Tan Mist from South Seas.

#3 - The switch from summer to fall signifies we aren’t getting any younger.

Time marches on, ladies. That can be said as we move from summer to fall, or a new season in life. All of it means we are aging and it might as well be for the better!

As the warm summer breeze gives way to the cooler air temperatures of fall, our skin becomes dehydrated. Dry skin will accentuate sun spots, redness, and wrinkles, all of which come with age. Gentle cleansers, exfoliators, and rich moisturizers will help create a healthy base for your fall makeup routine.
Some say, less is more.

When it comes to transitioning your makeup from summer to fall, take it from this Pretty Pro, makeup truly is your bestie! We recommend trying to add a little more base to your routine. Try switching from a bb cream to a liquid, or try layers of a blurring powder over your liquid foundation.

If you’re starting to feel “meh” like Liz once did, don’t panic, you’re not alone. You’ve got a whole posse of pretties who’ve been there too. Swing into Pretty Lane and we’ll get you squared away for the season. Book a one-on-one makeup lesson with any of our Pretty Pros and receive a $75 credit towards any pretty product purchases.