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How To Modernize These 4 Makeup Trends From The '80s


Hey pretties, the ’80s are back in a BIG way! If you’re a product of the ’80s like many women who come through the doors at Pretty Lane you probably have fond memories of leg warmers, neon colors, and very VERY big hair. Everything from television shows to runway shows is showcasing 80’s style and makeup trends have been no exception to this. Today we’re taking a look at some of our favorite 80’s makeup trends that are back and better than ever.

Here are 4 of our favorite 80’s makeup trends and how to rock them in today’s era...proper of course.

80’s Makeup Trend #1: Blush Draping

Blush draping is a healthy amount of blush applied to the apples of cheeks, cheekbones and then swept back to the temples. Cream or powder products will work for this, but in the ’80s blush draping was done with really bright neon colors. This created that loud, pronounced, just got done with Jazzercise type of look. 

We love blush draping as a reinvented makeup trend that’s HOT right now! To modernize this 80’s makeup trend, apply blush in the same method, but trade in the neon hues for softer or warmer pinks. This will not only tame the look but make it everyday friendly for the Pretty Lane power woman on-the-go.

Here's a look at Pretty Pro Zoe showing you how to blush drape.

80’s Makeup Trend #2: Feathered Eyebrows

Full brows have been trending for quite a while now. In the ’80s, bushy brows were all the rage. Think Cindy Crawford on the cover of any number of fashion magazines. Today, the brow trend has gone from bushy, to feathered. 

To create the feathered brow 80’s makeup trend, simply fill in your brows as normal and add one more step. When done filling, make several short whisping upward motions with your brow pencil at the front of your brow. Then use your brow brush to blend and comb hairs into a feathered finished look.

80’s Makeup Trend #3: Colored Eyelids

Colorful eyelids are an 80’s makeup trend that was destined to resurface. After all, the ’80s are practically synonymous with bright blue eyeshadow.

Blue was the color for 80’s eyeshadow, but now you can find a wide array of other colorful options, as well. For a modern take on the colorful eyelid, swap out the blue for purple. 

For an 80’s inspired eye, start by blending a neutral shadow like Dollup Beauty’s Charming into the crease of the eye. Then work the colored shade into the corners of your eye and bottom lash line to create depth and dimension. 

Pretty Pro tip: In the ’80s, colored eyelids were also combined with a bright lip, as well. To take it down a notch for today’s day and age opt for a nude lip to pair with a colorful eye.

80’s Makeup Trend #4: Bold Lip

Everything in the ’80s was bright and bold. That went for that pretty pout too! 

The modern twist that we’re keen on combines pink and red for the ultimate bold lip. Start by lining the lip with a magenta lip liner. Fill in most of the lip with the liner as well. Lastly, add a red liquid lipstick over the entire lip to finish the look.

Pretties, cue up the Paula Abdul and breakout the Aquanet (just kidding, definitely don’t do that) because the ’80s are alive and well! 

Try these 80’s inspired makeup trends or if you’re still looking for a little more pretty pro guidance, grab some pals and book a Pretty Party. We’d love to show you how to take these blasts from the past and make them your own.