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Preventing Acne 101

by Lexi Smith |

Acne can seem like the end of the world, especially if you have a big event around the corner, like a wedding or a prom. Never fear though, we have you and your acne-prone skin’s back. We have put together a list of our best tips and tricks for preventing acne before it happens, and if it does, how to make it look like it isn’t there.

5 acne preventing tips

  1. Benzoyl peroxide face wash

The implementation of a benzoyl peroxide face wash into your skincare routine a couple of times a week will do wonders for your acne. With benzoyl peroxide, you want to start slow and with a low percentage. We’d recommend a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide face wash two times a week, rotated with a face wash that your skin is already used to. After your skin gets used to the benzoyl peroxide face wash, you can up the amount of times you use it a week!

  1. Wash your sheets 

If you’re don’t already, you should be washing your sheets every month. While you roll around on your pillow at night, the oils and dead skin cells from your face transfer to your pillow. After a while, the build-up of oils and dead skin cells can easily cause a breakout or two. 

*Pretty Pro Tip:  Try switching to silk pillow cases, unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb as many face oils.

  1. Clean your makeup brushes

We’ve told you once, and we will tell you again. It is so important to clean your makeup brushes. Click here to learn how to clean your makeup brushes.

  1. Clean your phone

Think about how many times a week you put your phone up to your ear to answer a call. Not to mention how often you touch your phone and then touch your face. It is estimated that every square inch of your phone has upwards of 25,000 germs!!! To prevent these germs from reaching your face, wipe down your phone once a week with a disinfectant wipe.

  1. Steam your face

A great way to open up your pores and really let your acne-fighting skincare into your skin is steaming your face. This can be done by purchasing a facial steamer, putting your face above a pot of boiling water, or even warming up a clean washcloth in the microwave. Not to mention it is a very relaxing easy at-home facial. 

If you’re looking to steam your face with some friends, try out one of our Facial + Fizz parties! Click here to learn more.

How to best cover blemishes

  1. Don’t pick!

We know it is hard, and we also know that we have all been known to do it once or twice, but please don’t pick at your acne. All it will do is acne the skin and create the possibility of infection.

  1. Treatment

One of the most important steps is healing acne once you have got it. A great recommendation is Dermalogica’s Age Bright Spot Fader. It is a two-in-one spot treatment that reduces the appearance of active pimples and post-pimple marks.

  1. Micro covering

We say micro covering because it is very important not to put a thick circle of concealer on your face when trying to cover acne. All this will do is draw more attention to the area you want people’s eyes to avoid. Instead, with a small eye shadow brush cover just the pimple and tap on top of the pimple to blend out the product. 

  1. Faux freckles

A favorite secret of Youtuber, Desi Perkins, is turning her acne into little faux freckles with the help of makeup. After her makeup is all done she will go back in with a brown pencil liner and tap it over the pimple, creating the look of a freckle. If the freckle is too dark and looks unnatural, feel free to bounce over it with your beauty sponge.