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The No-Makeup-Makeup-Look How-To


A Pretty Pro's Easy Breezy Guide To Summer Beauty


We are in the heart of sunshine and summertime and us ladies at Pretty Lane are trading in our full glam beauty routines for a much simpler laid back approach to makeup called a No-Makeup-Makeup Look. So what exactly is the aptly coined No-Makeup Makeup Look you might be wondering? Great question!  No-Make-Makeup Looks are a paired down version of your normal routine, to just the basics, and it’s so natural and fresh that it looks like you're not wearing an ounce of product. 


We're going to help you master this gorgeous glowy summer look with just a few of our favorite beauty products and hacks.


Fresh beautiful skin is the ultimate goal of this look and there is nothing, and we mean nothing, that gets your skin glowing like Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant.  We’re obsessed with the fact that it’s so gentle you can use it everyday, but so powerful you get instant brightening results.


Our secret weapon for a truly bronzing glow without even putting a toe in the sun is South Sea’s Tahiti Tanning Mist because you get an instant bronzeSouth Seas Tahitian Tanning Mist Self Tanner Natural Bronze No Orange and a developing tan for the next 8-hours -  you guys this product is life changing.  Hold the can 6-inches from your face and in a circular motion spritz the skin with a steady flow.  Avoid the center of your face and pop your blow dryer on for 1 minute for a quick dry.



Now that the skin is prepped, we want to add a nice sheer tint base to the skin for just a hint of coverage and we have found the ultimate multi-tasking product.  Our favorite product is also Derm’s Sheer Tint because it does four, yes four, things at once by providing a skin-quenching hydration, a lightweight tint, daily spf and your daily dose of skin vitamins and antioxidants.  Apply the sheer tint just like you would any other moisturizer, all over the entire face, making sure you bring it down onto your neck as well.   And remember that it’s important not to use too many face products during hot months, because a heavy base can cause you to look oily rather than glowy.



For a fresh ‘I’ve had 10-hours of beauty rest’ look, we’re loving concealing the under eye with Dollup’s ColorBlock Cream concealer with our two-step technique.   First, opt for a concealer color that’s two shades darker than your skin tone to Block and Brighten with Dollup Beauty Colorblock Concealer a creamy concealer for under eyes‘block’ out dark circles and discoloration. Focus on the inner corner of the eye and nose - too often people over-conceal under eyes that leads to a cakey look. Next, ‘brighten’ with a shade one to two shades lighter than your skin tone for the ultimate wide awake look.  Remember to tap tap tap concealers with your ring finger to melt the product into your skin.


Follow it up by spot concealing any trouble spots e.g. blemishes, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, etc.  Simply apply the concealer in the areas you would like to color correct, and then blend it out using a damp Pretty Puff makeup sponge. This will give a naturally flawless finish on the skin without feeling too heavy.



Now we’re going to add a subtle warmth that literally gives life to your skin and we recommend using Dollup Beauty’s Hang-Tan because of its sheer matte coverage.   We recommend applying bronzer from corner to corner of the forehead, the hollows of the cheekbones, and along the jawline - think of an imaginary 3 shape when doing your bronzer.  Pro tip: sweep the bronzer quickly across your eyelids for just a touch of color.


Pop a quick blush of color to just the apples of the cheeks for a quick healthy flush.  Not sure what blush color looks good on you?  Try Ritz by Dollup Beauty or Nars Orgasm - these two colors look good on most skin colors because of its equal parts of pink and coral under tones.


Most people skip their brows altogether when doing simple makeup looks but we say brow shaping is top 5 product MUST.  Us Pretty Pro’s believe that bfor natural feathering brow strokes use Dollup Beauty's Skinny Tip Brow Pencil highly pigmentedrow shaping creates so much contrast and structure to your look that you can even skip doing eye makeup all together, yes even mascara!  Opt for a skinny skinny pencil or brush that absolutely mimics brow hairs and matches your brow hair (not hair color).  We have never found anything thinner and more pigmented than Dollup’s Skinny Tip Brow pencil.  Remember to follow your brow hairs when feathering (going vertical and horizontal) and never ever fill the front quarter of the brow with more than a few vertical strokes.  If you're lost when it comes to shaping your brows, follow this quick guide.


Last but not least, we’ve traded in our full coverage matte lips for a nice glossy finish and we are all dying over Dollup’s #girlgoss in the color CEO, a light flamingo pink for a punch of summer fun.  Simply swipe the gloss across your lips and rub them together for a non-sticky finish.


Need more help creating your No Makeup-Makeup Look?  Pop into Pretty Lane and meet with a Pretty Pro!