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Our Lovely Lash Lift + Tint is one of the most popular services at our Pretty Lane spa because pretty ladies are loving the pretty amazing results from their natural lashes, plus it's super low-maintenance.  Here's our guide to everything you need to know about a Lash Lift + Tint.

What is a FACIAL?

Lash lifts are the latest and greatest beauty trend for ladies who love their lashes but want to add a little extra.  Using your natural lashes,  Lash Lifts are essentially eyelash perms that take straight lashes and give them a beautiful curl, giving the appearance of 5x longer looking lashes, that lasts 6-8 weeks.  This professional services is designed to give your eyelashes a semi-permanent curl that lasts through yoga class, Soul Cycling, showers, swimming and even stubborn makeup removal.

We pair a tint with your service to add a deep dark depth to your lashes so you can ditch your mascara if you choose.  If you already have dark lashes, the tint is worth a try to see if you can get even more vivid color, but it's not absolutely necessary.

What facials do we offer at Pretty Lane?


30 minutes @ $45.00 
Commitment issues? If yes, this is the perfect facial for you. All you need is 30 minutes with one of our Pretty Pro facialists to get gorgeous glowing skin.

This personalized treatment includes a quick assessment of your skin condition to guide your Pretty Pro in creating your perfect skin prep. This facial with also include:
+ Double Cleanse
+ Deep Exfoliation
+ Light Chemical Peel
+ Extractions
+ Customized Facial Mask
+ Relaxing Massage
1 hour @ $70.00 
Get a Fresh Face Fix with our Pretty Polish facial designed to meet all your skin care goals while promoting overall relaxation in your face and body.
Your Pretty Pros facial expert will focus on targeting your specific skin needs like deep hydration, breakout, anti-aging or anti-inflammatory, all while creating a deep relaxation for your skin and body through massage.

This heavenly facial is perfect for anyone who needs a skin pick-me-up and we recommend a once a month treatment.
Pretty Pampered Facial
1 hour & 30 minutes @ $90


How to take care of your lashes after your Lovely Lash Lift + Tint in the first 24-hours.

+ Avoid getting your lashes or eye area wet in the first 24-hours after your received your service (you don't want to straighten out those beautifully curled lashes)!

+ Do not use any eye makeup products 24-hours after your service, including mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow or concealer.

+ Avoid using waterproof mascara to lengthen the benefits of your lash lift.

+ Avoid steaming, sweating, swimming in the first 24-hours.

+ Do not use any oil based products on your eye area or lashes in the first 24-hours.

+ If the first 24-hours, your lashes need extra pampering and are a little delicate.  Avoid sleeping face down on them, touching them & keeping them dry is key.



How long does a Lash Lift + Tint last?

Lash lifts last at least 6 weeks and sometimes longer depending on a few factors, like the experience of your technician, how you treat your lashes in the first 24 hours and the products used.

Getting the most out of your lash lift is definitely our goal for you and we want to help you achieve all the benefits from getting your service done with us.  The first 24-48 hours is the most critical time to focus on treating your lashes oh-so-delicately, and after that you don't have to worry about them at all.  Follow the first 24-hour guide for your lashes and you will keep your perfect lift for at least 6-8 weeks (and maybe longer if you're lucky).

After the first 24-48 hours, you don't have to worry about your lashes at all and can resume all your daily activities including showering, swimming, steaming, exercising and more.



When can I shower or wash my face after my eyelash lift and tint?

We recommend waiting at least 48 hours, when your lashes have fully processed, to submerge your lashes in water, including showering and washing your face.  Use a makeup wipe or cotton rounds to wash your face to avoid getting excess water on your lashes.  

As for showering, try your hardest to avoid steaming the lashes or getting them wet, so we recommended bathing in cooler water or getting in a super quick shower.  We know it's a little inconvenient, but we promise it will be worth it!



Can I put mascara on after my lash lift?

You can wear mascara and your daily eye makeup 24-48 hours after your lash lift + tint service, however we recommend staying clear of any mascara that is waterproof.

Waterproof mascara is known to have ingredients that are generally drying to your lashes and over time can break down your curl treatment.  Also, because of waterproof mascara's long stay power, it often requires excessive rubbing to remove so it can further damage your lift.

You many not need any mascara at all if you have received a lift and a tint combo, but if you still feel that need to coat your lashes, we recommend an oil-free non-waterproof mascara.  Pretty Lane has an amazing mascara that can be worn immediately after a Lash Lift + Tint treatment called Ellebana Keratin Aftercare Mascara.

Does a Lash Lift + Tint damage or hurt my eyelashes?

Lash Lifts are actually quite strengthening and good for your eyelashes, when the service is performed with Keratin Lash Building treatment, which is an absolute must in our opinion.  Pretty Lane includes a Keratin treatment with every eyelash service to deliver that absolute strongest lashes.

Like with any spa treatment, there is always a itsy bitsy chance that something can go wrong, but we take a lot of precautions to make sure it doesn't.  Damage can occur in eyelash treatments when a lash technician is untrained and makes mistakes such as: like leaving the solution on for too long, using the wrong kind of perm rod or eye irritation from not doing a patch test.


How much does a Lash Lift + Tint cost?

Lash Lift + Tint $70

Lash Lift $65

Lash Tint $20


Can I use a lash growth serum with my Lash Lift + Tint?

Yes, and we highly recommend it! Using a lash growth serum is the best way to add even more length, strength and lots more flutter to your natural lashes.  At Pretty Lane, we love the proven results of Revitalash, you can purchase here.


Do you want to book your Lovely Lash Lift + Tint?

We highly recommend trying Pretty Lane's amazing service - we've been told we're the best in the Cedar Rapids/ Iowa City area.  Schedule today with our certified (pretty much rockstar) esthetician by calling 319.365.2718 or scheduling online here.

Where is Pretty Lane located?

Pretty Lane is located at 312 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids, Ia.  There is street parking (free on nights and weekends) as well as two parking ramps within a block.