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Shawna Burkhardt Pretty Profile

Hi Shawna,
Thank you so much for coming in to Pretty Lane - we hope you love all the products! Below, I've created a profile of products you and I used in your consultation.

Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive

Here's a quick run down of products to use in order:

1. Remove your makeup with a Makeup Eraser, Makeup Wipe or Dermalogica Precleanse Balm.

2.  Next cleanse your skin.  I recommend Special Cleansing Gel for your cleanser - it's a great mild and balancing cleanser.

3.  Exfoliate with Daily Microfoliant (morning or night routine).  Put a small amount of powder in your hand, add a little water, and blend together to make a foaming exfoliant.  Massage onto your skin paying close attention to your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

4.  Follow-up with Calm Water Gel.

Products to add down the road. BioLumin C Serum is perfect at fading browns spots and evening out skin tone.  I would also add in Retinol for a night treatment.  Retin A/Retinol is the only thing clinically proven to reverse wrinkles and normalize skin cells - wahoo!


Makeup Routine

1.  Start by applying your Ere Perez Honey foundation with a brush, a wet beauty blender or your fingers.

2. Apply a concealer that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone on the inner quarter of your eye, over your eyelid and inside bridge of your nose.  Follow-up with a brightening concealer on the inner corner.  I recommend colors Sand and Sunlight.

3.  Set your liquid foundation with powder using Dollup's Chin-up Powder in Hickory.  Using the largest Dollup makeup brush, and buff the powder into your skin starting on the inside of your face working out.  Be sure to buff your powder down your neck.  You can tap a little powder under the eyes using a smaller brush.

4.  I like to start my area by first defining my brows!  Make sure to start at the arch creating an upside down 'V' and then  

I recommend the Blonde Brow Pencil.